3 Ways Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” Reflects Life With Fibromyalgia


Famous singer Lady Gaga revealed that she suffered from chronic pain in 2007. And, she remained on top of the news that year. As an 11-year-old fibromyalgia sufferer, I became curious about how this disease might affect her music career. There are many ways to describe the lyrics of a song. I analyzed Gaga’s song “The Cure” in different ways. And, each time, I have found that the lyrics of this song represent the struggle of a person with fibromyalgia.

The three basic reasons why I consider this song a struggle for people with fibromyalgia are:

Effort is required to complete simple tasks

The opening lines of the song are “I’ll undress you because you’re tired.” And at the end he says: “rub your feet, your hands, your legs / let me take care of it baby / close your eyes, I’m going to sing your favorite song / I wrote you that lullaby”

In my opinion, all of these lines present the condition of fibromyalgia. It is a fact that all normal and simple tasks appear as a challenge in fibro. However, I am lucky that my pain is not as severe as it once was. But, sometimes sudden pain is still unbearable. It doesn’t allow me to do simple things like answer mail, cook my own food, or go to class. Along with this, I need my close friends and family to support me on these days.

The most affected parts of my body are my back, shoulders and neck. And I would say “massage” on days of pain would be the best gift ever. And, this song says all of those things. Therefore, I think all people with fibromyalgia feel the same for this song.

Living with invisible chronic pain is very difficult

In my opinion, the meaning of a single line from Lady Gaga’s “The Cure” is, “Sing a song to release the pain of someone you’re in love with.”

The other difficult thing about fibromyalgia is that it doesn’t have a proper treatment process. There are medications that help relieve pain. Also, changing your lifestyle can help relieve pain. And Lady Gaga explains it by saying “cannot find the cure”.

It really hurts to know that your loved one has to live a life with incurable pain. It gives me the same pain too. I believe if there is an option to move the pain my mom would take all of my pain. She feels my pain and wants to do everything to relieve me. I saw my father suffer from my pain.

“The Cure” seems to me to be heartwarming words from my loved ones when I am in deep pain. The words of the song comfort me. And, it looks like someone is really worried about me. My support system tries to do anything that comforts me. And, all they wanted for me was to be normal.

Love can’t heal pain but seems to heal

The song has beautiful lyrics: “I’ll mend you with my love” / “Promise, I’ll be the cure”.

However, it is also true that fibromyalgia pain cannot be “fixed”. There are several ways to get some relief from pain. But, it cannot be cured completely. Therefore, the “love” of your support system makes you feel lucky and relaxes you.

Rather, it is as if this song explains the importance of love and support for someone with a chronic illness. The other fact about fibromyalgia is that it is an invisible pain. A person appears to be normal apparently. But, in reality, he suffers from deep and constant pain. As a result, close friends and family often take a long time to understand your condition.

However, the love of someone who believes in your pain cannot heal your pain. But it makes you strong to deal with the symptoms. In addition, several studies have shown that people with fibromyalgia with a good support system have a better quality of life. And, every time I hear “The Cure” by Lady Gaga, I smile and thank you for the lovely people I have. My parents are always ready to listen to me and comfort me. My best friends who are unfamiliar with this disease are doing their best to manage my pain. And, last but not least, my colleagues with fibromyalgia, including Lady Gaga, are my source of courage.


I don’t know the reasons for writing “The Cure”. And I know people will interpret the lyrics in many ways. Everyone takes the words according to their own situation in life. But, I believe the link between “The Cure” and fibromyalgia explains the importance of love for a chronic patient.

Surely, this song will not “cure” any pain. But it makes me realize how much love and support I have. And, that feeling will definitely ease my pain.

How do you take this song? Which song gives you courage and strength? Tell me in the comments !!   


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