20 ’embarrassing’ fibromyalgia symptoms we haven’t mentioned


 If you have an endless ailment like fibromyalgia , you are already aware of the irritating and negative symptoms that come with it. You should not be embarrassed and unhappy about the symptoms and side effects you experience, but when you forget what you said in the middle of an important business meeting because of brain fog, or dropping all the plates on the floor will cause embarrassment. cooking due to a sudden burst of pain.

Every fibromyalgia patient suffers from different symptoms, so it is necessary to talk about their symptoms, which are nothing more than noticeable, to raise awareness among people to solve the complexity of this condition. Therefore, the strong community to solve the problem     shares some of the “embarrassing” symptoms of fibromyalgia – symptoms that are often hidden but certainly deserve recognition and consideration.

Fibromyalgia symptoms such as fibrous fog and adverse drug effects can cause physical, emotional, and cognitive problems. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, know that you are not alone.

Here’s what the powerful community says:

1. Brain fog

“The living fog takes the cake for me. For me, there is nothing more embarrassing than talking to someone on the phone, or anyone in general, and constantly using stuffy words because I have a hard time finding the words I need to communicate with. I use lots of post-it notes and set reminders for almost everything. “- Arı E.

“Appearing rude to be unable to process what someone said to you and therefore ask more than once what they said, because your brain might be talking without words.” – Dani S.

Absolutely brain fog. It’s a shame to lose my train of thought in the middle of a sentence and not be able to have a smart conversation or completely forget something someone told me. This is horrible. ” – Molly S.

2.Too much sweating

“For me, I think it’s excessive sweating for no apparent reason. It is annoying that the person cannot regulate his body temperature. “- Rachel P.

”He’s   sweating!  The slightest movement and I’m overheated and sweat is dripping from my face. I am all over the workplace and always on fire. It’s icy outside and the other girls have an extra stove next to them and I’m dying here with a fan! “- Christina K.

“As  a 27-year-old woman with both fibromyalgia and  endometriosis , I often have really bad hot flashes. It is embarrassing to suddenly start tanning or removing some clothing to alleviate the discomfort. “- Emily G.

3.Always cancel plans

“The most embarrassing part is canceling the plans because I don’t feel good enough to go out. Eventually, you will be labeled as “that person.” “- Lauren H.

“It is a shame for me to have to cancel plans soon. The pain and / or fatigue is more than I can withstand a few days and I need to get back something I really want to do! “- January SP

4. Sensory overspeeding

“When there are too many people talking at the same time or when there is too much noise, my head starts to accelerate and I get so stressed that I can explode. It’s hard to hide how it affects me. “- Annie T.

“One of the things I can’t do much is to look at the topic“ The price is right ”. There is a lot of noise and screaming. And I’m coming to a place that I can’t see like I did before. “- Terri S.

5. Extinction

“Sometimes I don’t have enough energy for my kids to do simple everyday things like showering or cooking, or I can’t get out of bed one day to do something with my kids.” – Skye L.

“Totally lack of energy. I realize this is my fibroma. Others just consider it lazy. “- Michelle P.

“Tiredness. When it hits, I have to sit right away wherever I am. “- Lisa T.

6. Weight change

“I’m tired of my weight gain. I can’t shake this and feel embarrassed when I see people who knew me before. “- Leah M.

7. Gastrointestinal problemler

“Gastrointestinal Problems. I always feel uncomfortable telling my doctors about my GI-related symptoms, whether it’s nausea, constipation or diarrhea. “- Mattie M.

“I have diarrhea. My stomach problems are constantly interfering with my life. Last Thanksgiving I had to sit down and watch everyone eat. I was too scared to eat myself because of diarrhea. It never ends. Sometimes I spend days without eating for this. “- Melissa G.

“IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] and it    brings all the beauty    . I should avoid certain foods just because I am very sensitive to them. Not only because of the embarrassing symptoms it brings, but because of the cramps, headaches, and flare-ups of eating “bad food”. – Ashley A.

8.Low back and leg pain

Pain in the back and legs. I cannot sit, stand, or walk for more than 30 minutes at a time. If I lean on something or stand up, I am constantly moving. People think he’s lazy, but my legs literally want to give up! “- Meena N.

“I love being active and going to places like a zoo or an amusement park with my friends. But when I’m in an environment where I walk a lot, it is embarrassing to have to take a break because of my knees and hips. As a 23-year-old, people my age may feel uncomfortable with my need to quit, and sometimes I get questioning glances from seniors or comments like “you’re too young to suffer this pain.” Usually I try to push myself as far as possible, but this only makes the pain worse when I cave and take a break. “- Shelby C.

9.Skin rashes / hives

Red rash that suddenly came to my neck. Sometimes it’s just in one place, sometimes it all ends. When it’s on one point, people sometimes think I’m a hickey. This is a little embarrassing. “- Krystina KF

10. Dizziness and balance problems

“My balance. It got worse and fell off when I should have been able to save myself – it was the worst in the flowerbed outside a friend’s house because he was shocked (he really doesn’t know what I had). “- Lisa B.

11. Hypersensitivity to sensory stimuli

“My weak intolerance to heat, odors, and smoke. As if I was dressed properly and eager for a social meeting, then heavy sweating and lightness and discomfort come into play because of the “heat” my body perceives. Add the aroma or smoke of a kitchen at home or restaurant; barbecue is my enemy. I want to have fun but still my body refuses and others see me as a killer joy or very demanding. “- Vee Vee Y.

12. Temperature sensitivity

Being too cold. Always. I live in texas I wear a sweater during the summer and I should always have a jacket wherever I go. It’s over 100 degrees outside, so the air conditioning started on each seat and I’m trying to warm my hands enough to feel inside. “- Kristi R.

13. Common muscle spasms and pain

“Contractions. Almost constant contractions, some of them too    big    and people give you a funny look because you can’t control your body. “- Rhian S.

My feet and legs are shaking or twitching. Frequent squeaking or whining when it happens because it is painful. People are staring and that makes me incredibly self-aware. I can not control. “- Elyse B.

“Random back spasms that make me unable to walk when I’m in the middle of a store. I don’t like to be the center of attention and nothing is shouting “look at me” like I can’t move. “- Megan M.

I am having random muscle spasms. It makes me drop a lot of things. “- Danika S.

14. “Sniff out”

“Constant sniffing / coughing / dry mouth caused by my medication. It’s really embarrassing to be in certain places, cough and smell. When my sister had a baby, I held her tight and sniffed and some thought I was sick and holding a newborn! No! Sorry, only my medications make me look like this! “- Garnet D.

15. Skin sensitivity to touch

“When someone comes to touch me, I always get scared because I know it will hurt.” – Amanda P.

“When I have to tell people, please don’t hug me goodbye or hello because it hurts so much.” – Audrey M.

16. Problems with speech

“Not being able to talk. I forget words, run into them, say meaningless words. What’s worse is that I don’t work with kids and I feel [stupid] that parents sometimes look at me and can’t convey my thoughts properly. It only took me 15 minutes to write this because I had to go back and rewrite largely misspelled or meaningless words. “- Marissa E.

“I shuffle the words and it turns out very strange! People look at me weird because sometimes it looks very [stupid]. Vivid fog is the worst! I would continue to call it potatoes instead of donuts. It’s so embarrassing. ”- Eloise T.

“Brain fog… when I can’t remember words. It can be a problem to look at something and not remember what was said. Right there on the tip of my tongue but the words are not coming. “- Paula D.

17. Urinary incontinence

“Incontinence! It’s a shame, I have to wear panties all the time. And as if that wasn’t enough, I have random bladder cramps. Suddenly and suddenly I have bladder cramps and I have to go right away. It caused me accidents. “- Morgan V.

“I can really pee every 15 minutes. I thought it was just me, I had no idea it was because of fibro! Road trips ab ****! “- Shelby LS

18. Emotional sensitivity

“I get angry with the pain, when it’s really bad, at the pain, at myself and at others. I try to warn the people I work with on a bad day of pain, if I burst into tears or get angry, it’s not them, it’s pain. “- Trish G.

19. Responding to sudden pain

“My most embarrassing symptom is sudden unbearable pain at work or in the family that makes me automatically change my expression and stop everything I’m doing. When this happens, everyone notices the sudden change and then asks what’s wrong because I keep looking “fit” or “healthy”. ”- Katherine L.

“Self-throbbing pain that is sometimes debilitating. I can have a perfect day and the sharp pain that comes on suddenly scares me, even makes me cry in pain. “- DeAnna AC

“When my body is suddenly frozen or I can’t get up from the sofa without making a strange noise. I often wonder if people realize how much effort they put into doing these things. “- Terri SA

20. Fatigue

“Exhaustion. I cannot do anything for too long or I am so tired that it hurts to keep my eyes open. I had to cut my hours at work and I can barely do that. I have to take a nap to get through the day. “- Kirsten MR

“Fatigue and loneliness. Fibromyalgia makes me feel very tired, and in turn, I withdraw because I am embarrassed that I can’t go out to dinner with my friends and family after working all day. “- Koroleva V.

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