5 Simple Ways To Prevent Stress That Will Hurt Our Fibromyalgia Even More What Are They Press And Read The Post !!!

Control stress and effects on fibromyalgiaFibromyalgia and stress The warrior of fibromyalgia   Sarah Borien  and the consultant   Eric Patterson  share their tips to combat stress.Sarah’s tips on dealing with stressWhen patients with fibromyalgia are informed about the need to control the level of stress, we are often angry. This would mean that when stress affects our pain, our pain is not “real.”It shows that the pain is psychological rather than physical and this can be frustrating.

However, stress has a direct impact on our level of pain. Therefore, it is important that we try to keep our lives as stress-free as possible.Many people internalize their stress, ie the more we are stressed, the more pressure we put on our body.How can we reduce stress in our lives?1. Determine what causes tensionWe can not reduce it until we identify it.Make a list of all the things that cause you stress, and … Get ready, because it will take a long time!Once you have your list, check all the things you can not control. This is important because you can not control everything, but you can probably change more than you think.2. Implement the changeIt is one thing to recognize stress, but another is to make practical changes.Write down something you can do to make things easier.For example, my journey to work is exhausting, so I changed my work schedule to travel outside peak hours and reduce my stress.3. Help yourselfI can not be the only one who makes life more difficult. We all do it, right? For example, when I’m late, I feel stressed, but I’m also a person who does not check travel times before they leave home.Therefore, congestion or cancellations make me incredibly stressed, and yet I could have made life much easier by controlling the journey.4. Avoid people who cause stressNot everyone in our lives is a blessing.When I sit down and think about the people in my life, I find that there is a couple that has not given me any form of joy for a long time.In fact, when I see them, it causes stress … Maintaining a forced friendship causes stress … Therefore, it is quite normal for me to eliminate them from my life.5. Find a way to reduce stressIt is important to know how to relax when in a stressful situation. It is therefore important to reduce stress.Although massages can reduce stress, but waiting a week for an appointment with the masseur does not provide the necessary relaxation.Some recommendations include:Fresh air and deep breathing (an obvious but always useful action)Practice short meditation times that can instantly instill a sense of calm.Take a break and physically remove yourself from a stressful situation. The Englishmen in me suggest to make a cup of tea to make a “break”.If you find a website or blog that will keep you centered and relaxed, such as As a blog with photos or a comedy blog, you can have distraction and happiness.Thank you for reading!


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