Studies have shown that more and more people in the world are suffering from fibromyalgia, and most are women. Basically fibromyalgia is joint pains, muscle aches, chronic fatigue and many unexplained pains in the body. And then these ailments can lead the person to depression, migraines and excessive fatigue.

This disease has symptoms very similar to those of tendonitis, arthritis and bursitis. According to the studies, the exact treatment or cure of this disease is not known, what they usually do is to treat the symptoms caused by this disease, but there are a few medications that are approved by the FDA to treat this disease.

You must be clear that before taking any medication you should consult with your doctor. But now we will give you a rich and natural recipe to treat fibromyalgia without any side effects that can harm you.

Foods that you can consume if you have fibromyalgia.


Foods that you should not consume if you have fibromyalgia.

Dairy products.
Monosodium glutamate.
Ingredients of soup to combat and cure fibromyalgia.

A spoonful of coconut oil.
Two stems of chives
A knuckle of ginger root.
Four cups of caldillo of sodium-free vegetables.
A knuckle of turmeric.
Indications to prepare the soup.

Scratch the turmeric and ginger root until they are powdered.
Heat the pan over medium heat.
Add the coconut oil with a little of the ginger and turmeric.
Add the broth and let it boil.
After it boils, lower the heat and add the turmeric powder.
Chop the chives in slices and toss in the soup.
And ready to enjoy your soup.


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