CapaAmorAmor’s father is one of the main influences on the human personality

Father’s love is one of the main influences on the human personality

White, black, fat, thin, Catholic, Protestant, rich, poor. No matter how many social, economic, cultural or religious factors differ between people, we all have something in common: we come to the world thanks to a father and a mother, and their love for us makes all the difference in our lives. new study, being loved or rejected by parents affects personality and personality development in children up to adulthood. In practice, this means that our relationships in childhood, especially with parents and other responsible figures, shape the characteristics of our personality. “In half a century of international research, no other type of experience has shown such a strong and consistent effect on personality and personality development as the experience of rejection, especially by parents in infancy, “said study co-author Ronald Rohner of the University of Connecticut. “Children and adults everywhere tend to respond in exactly the same way when they feel rejected by their caretakers and other attachment figures.” And how do they feel? Exactly as if they had been hit in the stomach, but at all times. This is because research in the fields of psychology and neuroscience reveals that the same parts of the brain that are activated when people feel rejected are also activated when they feel physical pain. However, unlike physical pain, the psychological pain of rejection can be revived for years. The fact that these memories-from the pain of rejection-accompany children all their lives is what ultimately influences their personality. The researchers reviewed 36 studies worldwide involving more than 10,000 participants, and found that rejected children experience more anxiety and insecurity, and are more likely to be hostile and aggressive. The experience of being rejected makes them more difficult in forming secure and trusting relationships with others, for example, intimate partners, because they are afraid of going through the same situation again.

Is it your father’s fault, or is it your mother’s fault?

If the child is doing poorly at school, or demonstrates poor education or unacceptable behavior, people around them tend to think it “is their mother’s fault.” That is, the child does not have a mother present, or that she did not know how to educate her. However, the new study suggests that, instead, the father figure in childhood may be more important. This is because children generally feel more rejection if it comes from the father. In a society like today, although the level of gender equality has grown a lot, the male role is still overvalued and often come accompanied by more prestige and power. Because of this, it may be that a rejection by this figure has a greater impact on the child’s life. Thus, it is a lesson for parents: love your children! Men usually have a harder time expressing their feelings, but the affection from a father, that is, the acceptance and appreciation coming from the father figure, can mean everything to a child, even if neither of them knows about it yet. there’s another message: the next time you’re called to school because of something the pimpolho has made, have a chat with the hubby. Everything indicates that it is his fault! Jokes aside, personality problems, it seems, can be solved with father’s love. And you want something hotter?


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