16 Things That People With Fibromyalgia Should Stop Doing


This article is based on 30 things to stop doing for you. As I read, I could not help but think how many of them were and thought there were some that were particularly appropriate for those of us who suffer from Fibro, CFS and other debilitating conditions.

16 Things That People With Fibromyalgia Should Stop Doing
Stop putting your own needs on the back burner. – If you have some sort of debilitating chronic condition, you must first put your own needs. Even if you are the healthiest person on the planet, you should not let your needs go at the end of the line. Since Fibro is the most prevalent among women, this is especially true as women appear to be trained for their needs to come after their husbands, children, church, jobs, volunteer efforts and anything else that might happen to them. . It is amazing that we give ourselves time; unfortunately, too many of us do not do it.

You can not help others until you have taken care of your own needs.

Stop spending time with the wrong people. If someone adds stress to your life, this stress makes you sick. Remove the stress by removing this person. You may not be able to completely remove them, but you can choose to avoid them when possible.
Stop holding grudges. – Holding a grudge is unnecessary stress. This leads us to create negative thoughts about a person when we think about them and to focus only on those negative thoughts, as we should try to find ways to focus on more positive things. Let go of the grudge. You always think of the person occasionally, but when you just ignore it and replace it with a thought of someone you love and who makes you smile.
Stop trying to be everything for everyone. – The ability to say “no” is highly undervalued. Too often, those of us who suffer from fibromyalgia are unable to say “no”, feeling guilty when we can not or do not want to say “yes”. We can not be everything for everyone, we can not even be everything for ourselves and we must not be.
Stop lying to yourself. – You’re sick, admit it. You do not feel well. Someone else asks and you answer with “I’m fine” but it’s not the truth. This is not the truth when you tell them and it is certainly not the truth when you say it to yourself.
Stop wasting your time explaining to others. – Most people do not care enough about you to worry about your illness or disorder or why you can not do what you can not do. Keep it simple, just say “no” and keep going. Do not try to explain why you can not do it because they probably do not listen anyway.
Stop trying to keep up with the past. – Although you can find ways to improve your symptoms, you will probably never be at 100%. There will always be limits. Stop trying to re-reach the standard of living you had before your illness and realize it was then and it is now. Focus on what you CAN do instead of what you were able to do.

Focus on what you CAN do instead of what you were able to do.

Stop scolding yourself for old mistakes. – Guilt and blame are our constant friends. Stop fighting against things you have done in the past (or things you would have liked to do but did not do). It’s in the past, let it go and move on. Again, focus on what you can do in the future.
Stop being jealous of others. – It’s so easy to be jealous of what others have or what others can do. We do not realize that they also have limits. Nobody sees the real life of another, his abilities or his handicaps, his limits. Do not judge your life based on the “Jones”, real or imaginary. Concentrate on what you have wonderful.
Stop complaining and feel sorry for yourself. – Seriously! It’s good to throw a pity party from time to time, but it should never last more than 5 minutes and you should never invite friends. Concentrate on the positive aspects of life, there are many.
Stop looking at the beauty of the little moments. – How many times have we heard that we should “stop and smell the roses”. You do not really appreciate these little things until you can notnt to the little things you could appreciate. Write them down so you can look at them later when you are considering this pity party. You do not really enjoy the little things until you can not do them anymore. Stop trying to make things perfect. – They are already. Ok, maybe they are not perfect, maybe they can even be better than they are now. But the fact is, you need to focus on reality rather than perfection. Take small steps to make things better and get closer to the idea of ​​what you want your life to be, and do not constantly worry how far you are from being perfect. Stop acting as if everything is going well good if it is not. – All is not OK, and it’s ok to tell the truth. When a real friend or someone who really cares about you asks how you are, be honest. Stop responding with “I’m fine” because you’re not. It’s okay to admit that everything is not right. Stop worrying so much. – You have the impression that life is out of control, and so do not worry about it. Let life be what it will be. Control the things you can control and let the rest go. Constant care will only make you feel worse. Stop focusing on what you do not want. – You do not want to wake up tomorrow in a flare, so that’s all you think and you end up not sleeping, so you wake up in a flare. Sound familiar? Well, stop it. Instead of thinking “I do not want to …” think “I want …”. Concentrate on the good nights of rest you know you will get and how much you know you will feel tomorrow because you have made the right choices about things that are under your control. Stop being ungrateful. – Be grateful, every minute of every day. There is something wonderful to be grateful for. Say “Thank you” for the little things and say it. Instead of getting angry that someone is doing something you intended to do because you felt “useless” or as if you thought you were not doing your part, be grateful that they released you for do anything else you want to do. I probably could have worked in the 30 of the original list, but that’s enough. Which of these elements do you need to work in your life? What did you find important to stop doing to feel better? Share your thoughts in the comments below.If you liked this post, you can also enjoy these articles: 8 Things that People with Chronic Disease Need to Know10 Things You Should Never Tell Someone With Fibromyalgia11 things that people with a chronic illness have to make 11 misconceptions that the chronically ill have about themselves


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