If you love someone with fibromyalgia, keep in mind that you suffer from intense pain that varies from one day to another and from one hour to another.


If you love someone with fibromyalgia, you experience intense pain that varies from one day to the next and from one hour to the next. We can not predict it. So we want you to understand that sometimes things must be interrupted at the last minute, and it hurts as much as you do.

We want you to know that we must learn to accept our body with its limits and that it is not easy. There is no cure for fibromyalgia, but we try to relieve the symptoms every day. We ask you not to suffer here.

We often feel overwhelmed and can not stand more stress than against us. Do not put more stress on my body if possible.

Although we look good, we do not feel good. We have learned to suffer all the time with most of the time. If you look happy, it does not necessarily mean that we do not have any problems, we just take care of it. Some people think that we can not be as bad as we are good. The pain is not. It is an “invisible” chronic disease and it is not easy for us to infect it.

Please understand why we can not work and we are not lazy. Our fatigue and pain are unpredictable and that is why we need to adjust our lifestyle. Something that seems easy and easy to do is not for us and it can give us a lot of fatigue and pain. Not necessarily something we did yesterday, we can do it today, but that does not mean we can not do it either.

Sometimes we are depressed. Who would not get depressed by a strong and constant pain? It has been found that depression occurs with the same frequency in fibromyalgia as in any other chronic pain condition. It hurts us to be depressed, but we are depressed by the pain and inability to do what we have used. We also feel bad when there is no support or understanding from doctors, family and friends. Please, understand me, with your support and your help in my pain.

While we sleep all night, we are not resting enough. People with fibromyalgia have a poor quality of sleep, which causes the worst pain on the day that sleeps badly.

For us it is not easy to stay in a certain position (but the seats) for a long time. It gives us many problems and it takes time to recover. Why not leave any activity, we know that this factor would harm us. Sometimes it’s good that we know what the consequences will be.

We do not get angry when sometimes we forget simple things, what we say, we say some names or wrong words. These are cognitive problems that are part of fibromyalgia, especially at that time when we have a lot of pain. It is strange for you and me. But we laugh together and help maintain our sense of humor.

Most people with fibromyalgia are very familiar with this condition, some doctors and others because we have trained to understand our body. So please, if you offer me a “cure”, do not do it. Not because I do not appreciate or improve your help, but because I keep them updated and have tried many things.

We are very happy when we have a day with little or no harm when we sleep when we do something that we have not achieved for a long time when we understand it.

We appreciate everything you have done and can do for me; Includes efforts to inform and understand. Little things mean a lot to me and I want you to help me. Be careful and patient. Remember, I’m still tired in this body. I try to learn to live day by day with my new limits and keep hope tomorrow. Help me laugh and see the wonderful things that God gives us.


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