Fibromyalgia, what impacts on sexuality?

Long ignored or neglected by the medical profession, fibromyalgia is now a recognized disease that combines several symptoms. It manifests as diffuse pain from head to toe, neck, lumbar, shoulders, thighs, knees, and muscle contractures. Persistent suffering, affecting more than 2% of the population and 90% of women. It is usually accompanied by intense fatigue upon awakening, recurrent sleep disorders, loss of concentration and memory, and a depressive reaction state.

Reasons buried?

In the absence of organic causes, fibromyalgia is difficult to diagnose, and often associated with psychological causes. However, physiological causes are now explanatory: hypersensitivity to pain due to the disruption of some neuromediators, abnormal immune system, alteration of the hormonal system … Still, fibromyalgia also triggers in people anxious, emotional but not depressed, or during a physical or psychological trauma. Some would even have, during their childhood or adolescence, suffered emotional neglect, abuse or sexual assault that they would have hidden for many years.

The repercussions in the couple

As a result, many women will reduce or stop intimate relationships simply because they are afraid of pain. But also because their state of tiredness, a physical and emotional malaise, acts on their libido. Other disadvantages such as the lack of lubrication for want of desire or the hypersensitivity of the skin does not help a tactile approach either. Antidepressants that can be prescribed have an effect on chronic pain, but also contribute to the decline of female desire, as well as anxiolytics or major analgesics Tramadol type. This is likely to create tension within the couple, the latter accentuating anxiety as pain.

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What solutions?

Sometimes, psychotherapeutic care is needed to find out what these pain mean and overcome. Rehabilitation sessions with a physiotherapist can also be prescribed to relax and strengthen the muscles, including those of the abdominals and perineum. Solutions exist, yet it is necessary to talk to his doctor and his spouse.

Sexuality, the best medicine?

Therapists know that promoting a return to a fulfilling sex life counts in diminishing symptoms. Making love contributes to muscle relaxation, improves morale and alleviates physical suffering by releasing mediators such as serotonin and endorphins. Provided of course to take some precautions, to avoid sudden movements, to favor the preliminaries and to favor the so-called passive positions, which will respect the lumbar arch: the missionary, with a cushion under the lower back, the doggy style, support on the forearms, or posture spoon. At the slightest pain, it is important to communicate with your partner. This will avoid not giving in to a policy of avoidance and will allow to find a sexuality soft and complicit, at its own pace


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